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Financial Donations

  • Online donations can be made by clicking on the underlined line above
  • In-person at our location at 255 Kaska Road, Sherwood Park, AB  T8A 4E8 from 9am to noon Monday to Friday
  • By mail
  • e-transfer to (if you have any concerns, please send an email to the above address and our Treasurer will assist you)

Most Needed Items (as of November 5th):

  • Low/no sugar canned fruit
  • Low/no sugar fruit cups
  • Pudding cups
  • Low/no sugar fruit juice (tetras and boxes)
  • Plain Cheerios
  • Low sugar, cold cereals
  • Ready-to-serve soups
  • Low/no sodium tetra broth
  • Pasta sauce
  • Jam
  • Toilet paper
  • Feminine hygiene products

Nice to Have Items:

  • Size 4T, 5T and 6 diapers, and pull-ups
  • Baby Wipes
  • Dry pet food

Your continued support of the Food Bank is much appreciated.


Perishable Donations

Perishable items require special handling in accordance with Alberta Health & Safety guidelines but special arrangements can be made by calling the Strathcona Food Bank at 780-449-6413.

The best way to donate perishable items is to make a monetary donation where the Food Bank can purchase as needed.

Perishable items which must be in good condition (we have coolers and freezers) including:

  • bread and baking (from retail outlet)
  • homegrown produce
  • fresh meat that has been government inspected
  • eggs that have been government inspected
  • dairy products

Unfortunately, we cannot accept home canning or preserves.

The Future Is Changing and We Need To Embrace It

Often we are asked by donors if it is better to give food or cash.  In the past we have willingly accepted whatever donors have been comfortable to give.  Over the last few years we have tried to be more specific in terms of the food and non-perishable items we were most in need of by posting a list of The Most Needed Items on a monthly basis.  And true to the very caring nature of our many and generous donors the community has willingly responded in kind.

While we truly love your donations in any form you are comfortable giving, financial donations make a tremendous difference to our ability to purchase more specifically what we need when we most need it.  We strive to provide a balanced diet, where possible, which means purchasing perishable items as well as items not frequently donated to achieve this goal.  Included in these items are fresh dairy, fresh produce and fresh meat.

We strive, as much as possible, to provide food items to clients that reflect the recommendations of Canada’s Food Guide. Follow the link to view the Food Guide Snapshot:

As we begin to move in this direction we hope our current donors and new donors will adapt and adopt the course we have chosen.  Stay tuned as we continue to improve the ways we try to provide the type of food we hope best serves those in need.  Your continued interest in and support for the Food Bank is very much appreciated.


Food Drives

Recently the Strathcona Food Bank has been approached by several groups interested in hosting food drives to help stock our shelves and ensure our continued operation.  We are truly overwhelmed by the level of interest in efforts of this nature by so many!  In order to make the best use of people’s time we ask that anyone interested in hosting a food drive contact the Strathcona Food Bank Public Relations volunteer  at:  


Non-Perishable Donations

We will accept any of the following items:

  • food (packaged or canned goods)
  • pet food (dogs or cats)
  • formula, baby food, diapers (size 4, 5, and 6 only)
  • feminine hygiene products, Depends
  • toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, etc.)
  • dish soap, laundry detergent
  • school supplies

Items we will accept from the public: large glass containers and medicine/vitamin containers with a screw top.   Items not accepted: clam shells, detergent bottles, foil trays, perfume bottles, prescription bottles, used bread bags, coffee cans.  

At present we are in need of large glass jars, as well as cardboard boxes. If you have any large jars to spare please consider dropping them off at the Food Bank. Please ensure that all labels have been removed. The kind of cardboard boxes we prefer are printer paper or copy paper boxes with lids. These are about 19 inches long and 13 inches wide. They are very useful for sorting pasta and Kraft Dinner.

If you have a large food donation to make we can make arrangements to pick it up. Please call the office (780-449-6413) to arrange for drivers to come to your location. Donations can also be made during food drives that take place periodically in Sherwood Park or in food bins at the following locations:

  • Fire Hall #1 (Sherwood Drive)
  • Information and Volunteer Centre (IVC)
  • Safeway
  • Save-on Foods (Wye, Baseline and Summerwood stores)
  • Sobeys (Wye and Baseline stores)
  • Superstore

We appreciate your donations!