Thank You

This is a special Thank You to all of the volunteers both past and present who have kept and

continue to keep the whole thing running smoothly. The Board of Directors at the

Strathcona Food Bank wish to express their gratitude and appreciation to the hundreds of

folks for their generous donation of time and service. It would be impossible to operate the

depot without the weekly commitment and faithfulness of these volunteers. We are truly


We wish to thank the community for the generous donations given during the

Celebration of Lights this past Saturday, November 20th. During the event

117 kilograms (258 pounds) of food, as well as $315.50, were donated to the

Strathcona Food Bank. Thank you to all who participated!

During the 12 Granville Pirate Ship Halloween Haunt, the Sparrow Family collected

306 kilograms (675 pounds) of food and $264.35 in cash donations for the Strathcona Food Bank.

A heartfelt Thank You to the Sparrow Family.

We would like to thank Bev Facey Community High School for their recent donation of

369.2 kilograms (814 pounds) of items for the Strathcona Food Bank!

The Lakeland Haunted House carried out a very successful drive that generated 607

kilograms (1,338.5 pounds) of items and $1,300 in donations for the Food Bank. Thank

you so much!

We were thrilled to receive a recent cash donation from Grace and Lucas pictured below.

Instead of gifts for their birthdays they asked for cash which they then donated to the

Strathcona Food Bank. Wow! That really is special.

We wish to thank St. Thomas Anglican Church for their donation of cash and 247.9 kilograms

(546.5 pounds) of food. Thank you for your support!

The Edmonton Pipeline Employee Association provided a generous donation of $3,900 to the

Strathcona Food Bank. Thank you so much!

Step by Step School of Dance recently carried out a Farm to School fundraiser. Through their

efforts they generated 237 kilograms (522 pounds) of potatoes and 158 kilograms (348 pounds)

of carrots. Thank you for this great donation!

We would like to thank Forresters Financial for donating 10 man hours to help out at the

Food Bank as well as bringing $2,000 worth of food. This is their sixth annual event assisting

the Food Bank. Thank you for your ongoing efforts on behalf of the greater community!

The Alberta Food Drive on Saturday, September 25th was a roaring success! For that we are

extremely thankful to all who participated both donors and volunteers alike. Initial results indicate

that 28,338 kilograms (62,474 pounds of food) were donated during the food drive and in addition,

$2,702.35 was received in cash donations. A sincere thank you to the community for their

generous donations and the organizers of the Alberta Food Drive (the Church of Jesus Christ

of the Latter Day Saints) for their selfless service.

As a result of the Break Strathcona’s Food Drive event this past Saturday, June 19th, there

are a lot of people and organizations that deserve our most heartfelt thanks. These include:

  • Christenson Developments
  • Elks
  • Sherwood Park Rotary Club
  • Knights of Columbus
  • ACT/UCT Local 1022
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church
  • Strathcona County
  • Antler Lake Community Hall
  • Ardrossan Recreation Centre
  • Safeway
  • Save-on
  • Sobey’s
  • Walmart
  • and the many volunteers who donated so much of their time.

The Break Strathcona’s Food Drive event was a thundering success! As a result 26,752

pounds (or 12,135 kg) of food and $16,000 in donations were raised. If we convert cash

donations to pounds of food (2.62 dollars converts to a pound of food) then the cash

donations are equivalent to 6,107 pounds (or 2,770 kg) of food. The grand total for

food donated would therefore be 32,859 pounds (or 14,905 kilograms). That is outstanding!

Thank you one and all!!! Without your efforts this event would not have been possible.

Recently the Strathcona Food Bank received a generous donation of $19,287 from Walmart

Canada. The money was raised during the “Round It Up” event held at their Emerald Hills

and Wye Road stores. Thank you so much!

We would like to thank First Call Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing for their donation

on May 12th of $1,100 to the Strathcona Food Bank. Thank you for your generous support!

Thank you to the Quinn Construction Limited Employees’ Association (QCLEA) for their generous donation of $250 to the Strathcona Food Bank!

We would like to thank the Maxwell Devonshire Realty team for the Sherwood Park Easter Hunt even that took place on Friday, April 3, 2021. As a result of the generosity of so many people the Strathcona Food Bank received 3,817 pounds of food and $307.35 in cash. As always, we continue to be blessed by the kindness of people in the community! And Thank You to all of the Food Bank volunteer who helped load donations!

As we embrace a new year and the hope that 2021 will be a big improvement over 2020, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the generosity of so many who supported the efforts of the Strathcona Food Bank last year. Your overwhelming generosity of donations of food, money or volunteer hours in 2020 were instrumental in keeping the Food Bank going. Thank you so much!

On Friday, January 8, 2021, Sherwood Park Toyota donated $25,000 to the Strathcona Food Bank. We are very grateful to Sherwood Park Toyota for this most generous donation!

The Strathcona Food Bank wishes to thank all of those who donated non-perishable food items and monetary donations (almost $3000) to the Food Bank at the Celebration of Lights that was held in late December last year. We truly appreciate your generosity!

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